Braving The Elements

By Harry B. Gray, John D. Simon and William C. Trogler

Apr 1995 , 432 pp
ISBN 9780935702347
Price: £48.99, $49.75
An ideal primer for those who wish to improve their scientific literacy, this book is beautifully written and especially recommended for high school and undergraduate nonmajor science courses. Amply illustrated chapters on chemical bonding, biochemistry, cancer, and the atmosphere are interspersed with such chapters as "The Alchemist's Dream," "Newsworthy Molecules" and "WallStreet Chemistry." To facilitate this book's use in the classroom, a complete set of problems and sample exams are available from the publisher.
1. The Periodic Table
2. The Alchemist's Dream
3. Chemical Bonding
4. Newsworthy Molecules
5. Chemical Reactivity
6. Wall Street Chemistry
7. Synthetic Materials
8. Biochemistry
9. Photochemistry
10. Atmospheric Chemistry
11. Cancer
Price: £48.99, $49.75

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ISBNs: 9780935702347 978-0-935702-34-7 Title: braving the elements