10 Minute CBT in Primary Care: Physical Health and Long-Term Conditions

By Lee David

Mar 2011ISBN 9781904842835
Price: £24.99, $45.00

The training is designed for a wide range of primary care health professionals including GPs, nurses, occupational health, rehabilitation and many others.

Key features of this DVD include management of:
* Pain and emotional distress in chronic back pain
* Fear of death or uncertainty about the future after breast cancer
* Healthy behaviour change in a non-compliant patient with type II diabetes
* Improving self-esteem in multiple sclerosis
* Increasing confidence with speech problems after a stroke

About the author:
Dr Lee David is a GP Trainer and CBT Specialist. She is director of the training organisation, 10 Minute CBT, which provides practical training in using brief “10 Minute CBT” approaches to improve care of both physical and emotional health problems.

Price: £24.99, $45.00

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ISBNs: 9781904842835 978-1-904842-83-5 Title: 10 minute cbt in primary care physical health and long-term conditions