Urgent and Out-of-Hours Primary Care

A practical guide for clinicians

Hardeep Bhupal

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Format: Ebook

Publication date: April 3, 2022

Pages: 200 pages

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Covers the most common conditions seen in an out-of-hours primary care or urgent medical care setting.

Urgent and Out-of-Hours Primary Care provides practical guidance on the diagnosis and management of the acute medical conditions seen most commonly in an out-of-hours setting.

  • Covers over 200 acute medical conditions commonly encountered when working in an urgent and primary care setting
  • Colour photographs provide the reader with further important information on assessing patients presenting with acute medical conditions
  • Key ‘red flag’ features are highlighted in boxes
  • The latest guidance and prescribing information is provided
  • Uses a consistent approach: each condition features discussions of presentation, assessment and management
  • Offers practical guidance on how to use telephone triage, video consultations and home visits effectively
  • Assumes access to basic diagnostic aids only
  • Provides differential diagnoses by symptom
  • Indicates when to refer to hospital and when to order an emergency ambulance

This book is aimed at GPs, GP trainees, doctors, medical students, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals involved in providing urgent and out-of-hours primary care to patients.

Index of conditions
Index of conditions by symptom

Chapter 1: Medico-legal aspects of providing out-of-hours medical care
Chapter 2: Telephone consultations and telephone triage
Chapter 3: Video consultations
Chapter 4: Home visits
Chapter 5: Head injuries
Chapter 6: Acute injuries, bites and wounds
Chapter 7: Cardiovascular
Chapter 8: Respiratory
Chapter 9: Neurology
Chapter 10: Endocrinology
Chapter 11: Gastroenterology
Chapter 12: Ophthalmology
Chapter 13: Mental health
Chapter 14: Poisoning, overdose and foreign body ingestion
Chapter 15: ENT
Chapter 16: Musculoskeletal
Chapter 17: Women’s health
Chapter 18: Men’s health
Chapter 19: Paediatrics
Chapter 20: Cancer/palliative care
Chapter 21: Safeguarding and non-accidental injury
Chapter 22: Basic life support
Chapter 23: Confirmation of life extinct


Excellent book filling a gap in the market
'This is a really well written book; concise yet full of useful information without going into unnecessary details. The compact size means it is easy to take wherever I am working and also easy to quickly find information when needed.' Amazon reviewer

A very well written, comprehensive guide for any OOH GP/AHP
'Excellent book, very well written by a GP who works in Primary Care. I firmly believe this will help not only GPs and GP Registrars working in Primary but also Associate Health Practitioners like Physician Associates, Paramedics, etc.'
Amazon reviewer

Good resource for clinician working in primary care
'Great easy to read text with suggestive management for each condition. Great for clinicians to use as a reference text as part of your clinic.

Brilliant layout and pictures with suggestive treatment. Great idea.' Amazon reviewer

A must have!
'This book is excellent for all healthcare professionals including pharmacists working in primary care and wanting to excel themselves in diagnosing and prescribing. Easy to read and understand. Dr Bhupal’s teachings are one of a kind.'
Amazon reviewer

Excellent guide to Urgent and out of hours primary care. Expertly written.
'Expertly written by an very experienced Dr who has worked in the field for many years. A comprehensive, knowledgeable and practical guide for clinicians. Would recommend that all health care professionals buy this book!'
Amazon reviewer

A great urgent care book
'This book is a great example of combination of subject theory and vast urgent care practical clinical experience of author behind it. This book deals with almost every clinical situation encountered in urgent care centres. It is very concise, comprehensive and very quick to get to the main issue in one place. I myself have been working in A&E and urgent care centres for past 15 years as a clinical lead and medical director (past), I would highly recommend this book to all clinicians who are passionate about diagnosing and managing their patients either in the community, primary care , pharmacy or urgent cares. It is well suited for Junior doctors , Nurses, ENPs, ANPs, ECPs and physician assistants working in primary care, A&E or Urgent care centres.' Amazon reviewer

An excellent read
'This is extremely useful and a must have for healthcare professionals. The layout is helpful and its easy to read. A brilliant piece of work.' Amazon reviewer