Questions and Answers for the UKCAT

Stephen Seale, Sam Radford, Noor Hamad

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: July 20, 2014

Pages: 232 pages

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* UKCAT revision and detailed explanatory notes
* Hundreds of revision questions, answers and explanations
* All question types covered, including SJTs
* New question types included
* Top tips to help your revision
* Includes free access to further questions online
The United Kingdom Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) is a requirement for entrance to most UK medical, veterinary and dental schools. The key to scoring highly is practising the different question types under timed conditions.
This new comprehensive book from dotMedic covers the entire UKCAT exam and contains all the latest question styles. The exam format and its different sections are explained in detail and are then followed by worked examples of each question type. Hundreds of timed questions with detailed explanations are provided. For further practice, more questions are available online at using the unique code published within the book.
Maximise your chances of success in the UKCAT using this book and the free online resource that goes with it.

General Information
Sitting the UKCAT

Chapter 1
Verbal Reasoning
Worked Examples
Verbal Reasoning Exercise
Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions
Verbal Reasoning Practice Question Answers 

Chapter 2
Quantitative Reasoning
Worked Examples
Quantitative Reasoning Exercise
Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions
Quantitative Reasoning Practice Question

Chapter 3
Abstract Reasoning
Worked Examples
Abstract Reasoning Exercise
Abstract Reasoning Practice Questions
Abstract Reasoning Practice Questions Answers

Chapter 4
Decision Analysis
Worked Examples
Decision Analysis Exercise
Decision Analysis Practice Questions
Decision Analysis Practice Questions

Chapter 5
Situational Judgement
Worked Examples
Situational Judgement Exercise
Situational Judgement Practice Questions
Judgement Practice Questions Answers

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