Professional Development for Appraisal and Revalidation

The Dr Hairy Workbook

David Hindmarsh, Edward Picot

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: January 13, 2012

Pages: 152 pages

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Winner of the ‘Primary Health Care’ category in the BMA Medical Book Awards 2012!

Here’s a snippet of what the judges said:
“This book is outstanding, original and will provoke the viewer of the DVDs and reader of the book (used in conjunction) to look at their CPD in a new way.”

This book is designed to help GPs with reflective learning, appraisals and revalidation. To make this process more interesting, the authors have provided:

  • a range of videos to watch – they are meant to be humorous, but also address serious issues
  • poems to read – believe it or not, they can be useful
  • exercises to work through and thought-provoking questions to consider

These videos, poems and exercises make the whole area of professional development more accessible, more relevant, and a lot more fun (they’ve even thrown in a few jokes …).

GPs all need to reflect on the way we practise and deal with our patients; they all have to undergo annual appraisals; and soon all GPs have to be revalidated. All these stages of continued development will be easier with this workbook.

Includes a DVD of 13 short films starring Dr Hairy (of YouTube fame). In his own inimitable (if somewhat irreverent) style, he tackles a wide range of topical issues.

About the Authors
About the Book 

Chapter 1
Video: Phoning the London Hospital
Exercise: Returning a faulty kettle
Poem: Dirge of Dead Sisters

Chapter 2
Video: Private charges
Exercise: Good clinic / bad clinic
Exercise: Leadership styles 

Chapter 3
Video: Old-fashioned Medicine
Exercise: The consultation journey
Exercise: ‘Everything worth doing is either illegal, immoral or fattening’

Chapter 4
Video: Dr Hairy’s Address to the Nation
Exercise: EBM and VBM
Exercise: Five a day
Exercise: Creative thinking

Chapter 5
Video: Frank Talking (Part 1)
Exercise: Red flag game
Exercise: Heron’s six interventions

Chapter 6
Video: Frank Talking (Part 2)
Exercise: Your values as a doctor and a person
Poem: The Last Words of My English Grandmother

Chapter 7
Video: Frank Talking (Part 3)
Poem: The Emperor of Ice-Cream
Exercise: ‘Bramble Jelly’

Chapter 8
Video: Appraisal (Part 1)
Exercise: Mini-appraisal
Poem: The Poet Sings of the Wide North Sea

Chapter 9
Video: Appraisal (Part 2)
Exercise: Things you were told as a child / things you say to your children / sayings you live by
Exercise: ‘Everyone I can think of who has died’

Chapter 10
Video: Appraisal (Part 3)
Exercise: Breaking bad news to the tennis player

Chapter 11
Video: Appraisal (Part 4)
Exercise: Learning into teaching / Marcus Aurelius
Poem: On the Death of Dr Robert Levet
Poem: This is Just to Say

Chapter 12
Video: Child Safety
Poem: Wife Beating
Poem: Red Suspenders

Extra video
‘Dr Hairy in: Mentoring’

"This book is outstanding, original and will provoke the viewer of the DVDs and reader of the book (used in conjunction) to look at their CPD in a new way. The authors have tapped into a rich seam of experience that will chime with most GPs. The videos are clever and funny. I am not sure how to describe this work other than as an appraisal tool for all GPs, or as a learning tool for trainers and trainees, but that minimises the uses to which this resource can be put.”

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