Cases and Concepts for the new MRCGP 2e

Prashini Naidoo

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Format: Ebook

Publication date: April 14, 2009

Pages: 340 pages

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This new edition of Cases and Concepts for the new MRCGP, now featuring over 200 “test yourself ” questions, is the ideal revision guide to use alongside the practical book Consultation Skills for the new MRCGP, second edition.

  • for CSA, 42 typical exam cases with explanatory notes to help improve the assessment, management and interpersonal skills required for effective consulting
  • for CbD, the models and concepts needed to demonstrate a thorough understanding of person-centred care, ethical issues, and professional codes of conduct
  • new for the 2nd edition – over 200 questions, with explanatory answers, to test your theoretical knowledge.

This book is essential reading for all those preparing for the new MRCGP.


Clinical Skills Assessment section
40 cases covering CSA

Case-based Discussion section
An introduction to case-based discussion
Patient declines smear test
14 year old requests contraception
Earache and antibiotics
Request for a sick note
Patient worries about chest pain
Patient requests an advance directive
Withholding life prolonging treatment
Teenagers and confidentiality
Breast cancer reported for Significant Event Analysis

Concepts section
Consultation models
Clinical governance
Patient safety
Evidence-based medicine
Giving feedback
Reflective learning and monitoring
Managing change
Ethical frameworks

Answers to self-assessment questions

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