Case-Based Discussions in Medicine

Paul McNamara

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Publication date: September 29, 2019

Pages: 234 pages

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Case-based learning is a fundamental part of teaching at medical school because it links theory to practice. Case-Based Discussions in Medicine is designed to help prepare students for clinical practice by working through real-life patient histories.

All cases are presented in a consistent style, and cover:

  • History of presenting complaint
  • Examination and interpretation
  • Differential diagnoses
  • Investigations
  • Diagnosis and management

Each case concludes with background information covering the pathophysiology, diagnostic criteria and clinical guidelines.

The book is an essential study companion for medical students and foundation doctors which will help you:

  • become proficient at writing up a patient’s history and examination findings
  • improve your clinical decision-making and patient management
  • build your clinical knowledge

Taken together, the cases will give confidence in dealing with common medical and surgical conditions and emergencies.

From back pain and breathlessness to post-partum psychosis, via abdominal pain and jaundice, placenta praevia, and alcoholic liver disease, the book guides you through common cases in medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics and psychiatry.

Chapter 1 Medicine
Case 1: Progressive dyspnoea
Case 2: Wheeze
Case 3: Chest pain
Case 4: Dyspnoea and confusion
Case 5: Back pain and breathlessness
Case 6: Headache
Case 7: Alcoholic liver disease
Case 8: Thirst and fatigue
Case 9: Deteriorating vision

Chapter 2 Surgery
Case 10: Abdominal pain
Case 11: Bowel cancer
Case 12: Acute loin pain and haematuria
Case 13: Left iliac fossa pain
Case 14: Abdominal pain and jaundice
Case 15: Necrotic foot
Case 16: Haematuria
Case 17: Bilious vomiting
Case 18: Crohn’s disease: abdominal pain and vomiting

Chapter 3 Obstetrics, gynaecology and paediatrics
Case 19: Abdominal swelling and weight loss
Case 20: Placenta praevia
Case 21: PV bleeding in early pregnancy
Case 22: Abdominal pain and PV bleeding
Case 23: Prolonged paediatric jaundice

Chapter 4 Psychiatry
Case 24: Mania
Case 25: Post-partum psychosis
Case 26: Schizophrenia
Case 27: Alcohol detoxification

Five-star reviews:
A must read for medical students "This book is easy to read and very comprehensive. I liked that it was based upon real people and their conditions. Very helpful, a must for medical students." Amazon reviewer
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