About Scion

Scion Publishing Ltd is a publisher of books in the medical and life sciences. The company was founded in 2003 by colleagues who worked successfully together at another publisher until it was sold to a multinational, and it is still run day-to-day by its founders.

We publish 10 -15 books a year with a focus on texts for medical students and books for general practice/family medicine.

We have deliberately kept the business small and approachable so that we can offer a friendly and personal service to our authors and customers. Our authors love working with us, which is reflected in the quality of the books we publish. We probably spend a disproportionate amount of time editing and producing each book, as we believe we are only as good as the books we publish – it’s very hard to earn a reputation, but easy to lose it. Having said that, our small size and flexibility enables us to make decisions about new book proposals ,and to turn manuscripts into finished books, quickly and efficiently.

In the days of huge, faceless, publishing giants, we feel we can offer something different whilst still producing excellent books. 

We’re happily based in the Oxfordshire countryside in a beautiful old building that once belonged to Aston Martin.