Contraception Made Easy, second edition

By Laura Percy and Diana Mansour

Mar 2020 , 218 pp
ISBN 9781911510550
Price: £19.99, $34.99
Mar 2020 , 218 pp
ISBN 9781911510567
Price: £16.79, $24.49
This concise handbook provides GPs and other healthcare professionals with all the latest practical guidance on all the commonly used contraceptive methods:
• combined oral contraceptives (COCs), patches, and vaginal rings
• progestogen-only pills (POPs), progestogen-only injectables and implants
• copper intrauterine devices (IUDs) and the levonorgestrel IUS
• diaphragms, cervical caps, and male and female condoms
• natural fertility awareness advice/kits
• emergency contraception
• male and female sterilisation.
This new edition covers the new position on abortion in Ireland and features new material on contraception for:
• women with weight issues, including obesity and eating disorders
• women taking teratogenic drugs
• transgender and non-binary people.
Foreword to the second edition
About the authors
1 Introduction
2 The contraception consultation
3 Special groups
4 Combined hormonal contraception
5 Progestogen-only pill
6 Injectable contraception
7 Contraceptive implant
8 Intrauterine system
9 Copper intrauterine devices
10 Barrier methods
11 Fertility awareness
12 Male and female sterilization
13 Emergency contraception
14 STIs, safe sex and sexual assault
15 Unplanned pregnancy
Appendix - Summary of the UKMEC for contraceptive use
Price: £19.99, $34.99

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Price: £16.79, $24.49

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