CSA Cases Workbook for the MRCGP, third edition

By Ellen Welch, Irina Zacharcenkova and Jennifer Lyall

Apr 2019 , 760 pp
ISBN 9781911510406
Price: £49.99, $89.99

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Over 110 cases and a mock exam aligned to the new RCGP curriculum!

This is the new edition of the original CSA cases workbook, designed to be used by GP revision groups practising for the CSA examination – now with 36 brand new cases!

  • The ring-bound design makes the practice consultations as exam-like as possible – allowing each member of the revision group to act as 'doctor', 'patient' or 'observer' and to take out just the pages they need.
  • Readers have access to an additional 13 cases online, set up as a mock exam.
  • Along with easy to use marking schemes, the cases include smartphone links to guide readers to useful resources.

To help further with revision, each curriculum area is split up into:

  • possible cases – lists the cases most likely to come up in the CSA (including emergency and ‘special’ cases)
  • revision notes – fully updated with the latest NICE and SIGN guidelines, plus other helpful references and websites, to guide your revision
  • material for the patient – resources that you could usefully direct the patient towards in the consultation (including after you have passed!)
  • practice explanations – topics, tests and procedures that you should be able to describe quickly
  • practice examinations – procedures you should be able to undertake confidently.

Preface to the third edition

1. An introduction to the MRCGP; 2. A revision plan

1. Healthy people: promoting health and preventing disease; 2. Genetics in primary care; 3. Care of acutely ill people; 4. Care of children and young people; 5. Care of older adults; 6. Women’s health; 7. Men’s health; 8. Sexual health; 9. End of life care; 10. Care of people with mental health problems; 11. Care of people with intellectual disability; 12. Cardiovascular health; 13. Digestive health; 14. Care of people who misuse drugs and alcohol; 15. Care of people with ENT, oral and facial problems; 16. Care of people with eye problems; 17. Care of people with metabolic problems; 18. Care of people with neurological problems; 19. Respiratory health; 20. Care of people with musculoskeletal problems; 21. Care of people with skin problems; 22. Special cases; Appendix: List of cases and the problem to be addressed

Price: £49.99, $89.99

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ISBNs: 9781911510406 978-1-911510-40-6 Title: csa cases workbook for the mrcgp third edition