Succeeding in Academic Medicine Applications

By Rele Ologunde

Apr 2019 , 88 pp
ISBN 9781911510345
Price: £14.99, $32.99

The health of local populations depends in part upon the considerable contribution clinical academics make to research and teaching alongside their clinical practice. The UK Integrated Academic Foundation Programme offers newly qualified doctors an opportunity to explore academia as a career by developing skills in research, education or leadership/management alongside their clinical training.

Being successful in applications for an academic training position, whether AFP, ACF or clinical lectureship, is about preparing and practising the right way – many candidates fail to demonstrate just how good they really are and therefore miss out. This book has been put together using insights from successful trainees and focuses on covering the skills that produce results.

Chapter 1             Introduction to academic medicine

Chapter 2             Maximising the medical school years

Chapter 3             The application process (AFP and ACF)

Chapter 4             The academic portfolio

Chapter 5             Introduction to epidemiology for interviews

Chapter 6             The interview

Chapter 7             What to do if it doesn’t go right first time


Price: £14.99, $32.99

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ISBNs: 9781911510345 978-1-911510-34-5 Title: succeeding in academic medicine applications