Patience, Patients Everywhere

Nor any time to think

Sep 2018 , 140 pp
ISBN 9781911510260
Price: £8.99, $14.99

Fran is a widely-published cartoonist with a special interest in medicine and healthcare. His cartoons regularly appear in Private Eye and GP Magazine, amongst others.

This collection of his witty and acerbic cartoons poke fun at the absurdities of General Practice, from the endless form-filling and shifting targets driven by a top-down bureaucracy that doesn’t really understand family medicine, through the ever-increasing demands of patients who have self-diagnosed online, to the confusions caused by patient-doctor misunderstandings.

Its humorous, sideways glance at the world of the 10-minute consultation is a welcome antidote to the stresses and strains of modern General Practice.

The cartoons will entertain and raise the spirits of the overburdened GP, and may even show patients how their behaviour impacts on the treatment they receive.

Part 1: Bureaucracy, targets and workload
Part 2: Excellent communication skills are the secret of being a great GP
Part 3: Those damn patients
Price: £8.99, $14.99

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ISBNs: 9781911510260 978-1-911510-26-0 Title: patience patients everywhere