Bonding to Ceramics

Scientific Evidences for Clinical Dentistry

By Alvaro Della Bona

Jul 2009 , 310 pp
ISBN 9788536700915
Price: £75.00

Bonding to Ceramics provides students, researchers and clinicians with detailed knowledge of ceramic structures, adhesion mechanisms, quality research design, material selection and clinical performance of dental ceramics.

Based on collaborative research efforts and evidence-based clinical data, this book describes the basic properties of ceramics and the applications, failures and limitations of this material.

The book features 500 clinical images, many of them in 3D, to aid the understanding of: ceramic microstructures; the basic principles and properties of ceramics; clinical applications and causes of failure.

It also discusses the development of experiments to test ceramic designs, how to select the appropriate material according to the specific clinical application, as well as evidence regarding adhesive mechanisms for bonding ceramic restorations. Through examining clinical failures, the book also aims to improve clinical performance through the suggestion of improved materials, structures and designs.

The ultimate aim of this book therefore is to provide the reader with the knowledge to be able to select the appropriate ceramic material and bonding technique for each clinical application.

1 History and Development of Dental Ceramics
2 Understanding the Atomic Universe of Ceramics
3 Characterizing the Microstructure, Composition, and Basic Properties of Ceramics
4 Principles of Adhesion Applied To Dental Ceramics
5 Clinical Applications of Adhesion To Cement and Repair Dental Ceramic Restorations

The content of this book is written such that students can glean essential facts and general dental practitioners and academics can appreciate the depth of scientific evidence detailed within.
The author is a well travelled individual with credentials that include working from institutions in the United States, Britain and Brazil and an appointment as Vice President of the Academy of Dental Materials.
The book is concisely organised with its aims clearly highlighted at the outset. Each section of the book is preceded by a charming photo page and concluded with a well organised list of further reading. The chapters are well written in an appropriate font size making the text easy to read, and cover a wealth of factual knowledge, dispelling common inaccuracies. The margin contains definitions of words highlighted from the text to facilitate understanding, which is a thoughtful feature.
Throughout, the book features well spaced, visually appealing diagrams and clinical photographs.
Another element of this book is the three-dimensional pictures. A set of 3D glasses are included to view scanning electron micrograph images. At first I was sceptical, however, the format works very well in depicting ceramics and dentine, complementing the text in particular for an inexperienced reader.
The author begins with a brief general history of ceramics - not just their use in dentistry - then delves into atomic structure and chemical bonding to a very detailed level reminiscent of ‘A’ level chemistry. The author then goes on to relate this chemistry and scientific testing to the variety of available ceramics and some clinical circumstances. The last two chapters cover bonding system techniques and accompanying commercially available ceramics, chairside step by step guides and a brief description of dentine bonding. Once again there are excellent laboratory and chairside illustrations throughout.
However, the author’s enthusiasm to detail such scientific evidence means some fundamental principles are difficult to grasp. Abbreviations and chemical formulas like DCA (dynamic contact angle) and HPLC water can make for arduous reading.
A visually inviting book with a superb depth of scientific knowledge supported by meticulous illustrations, this title would be a valuable resource for any good library.
G. Calvert, British Dental Journal

Price: £75.00

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ISBNs: 9788536700915 978-85-367-0091-5 Title: bonding to ceramics