Essential Prescribing

Systems-based guide to the most common drugs in medicine

By Razan Nour

Spiral bound
Apr 2018 , 170 pp
ISBN 9781911510000
Price: £19.99, $34.99
Essential Prescribing provides medical students with an easy-to-follow overview of the drugs they are most likely to encounter at medical school and as they start their medical careers.

The book benefits from the same landscape format and approach as Scion’s bestselling Essential Examination.

Each class of drug is detailed using a common tabular format, based on the following sections:
Examples, Mode of Action, Routes of Delivery, Indications, Cautions and contraindications, Interactions, Monitoring, Side-effects, Patient counselling.

This consistent approach helps the reader quickly find the pertinent information for the common drugs and situations they are likely to come across, so they can become confident of prescribing the correct drugs for the patient in appropriate doses.

The book also features a questions and answer section at the end of the book for the reader to assess their knowledge.

All medical students and foundation doctors now have to prove their prescribing competence by taking the recently-introduced Prescribing Safety Assessment. Essential Prescribing not only arms the reader with the key knowledge for this assessment, but also provides them with the core prescribing knowledge they will need as their medical careers progress.

Amazon 5-star review:

“This book is a wealth of information! Well written in a simple concise [manner], easy to follow guidelines for prescribing medications, oxygen, intravenous fluids, etc. [It] is divided by the system involved and has a section specifically for patient counseling which makes this book unique.

General prescribing rules

Section I: Prescribing by system

1. Cardiovascular system
2. Haematological system
3. Respiratory system
4. Gastrointestinal system
5. Renal system
6. Endocrine system
7. Female reproductive system
8. Male reproductive system
9. Central nervous system
10. Musculoskeletal system

Section II: Prescribing by situation

11. Intravenous fluids
12. Oxygen therapy
13. Antibiotics
14. Analgesia
15. Emergency drugs
16. Prescribing in the elderly

Section III: Self-assessment questions and answers

17. PSA-style questions and answers
18. Test your knowledge questions and answers

Appendix: Mnemonic acknowledgments

Spiral bound
Price: £19.99, $34.99

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