History Taking for Medical Finals

By Joshua Michaels

Feb 2018 , 166 pp
ISBN 9781911510222
Price: £16.99, $34.99
History Taking for Medical Finals provides a succinct review of how to take a history to the standard expected of a final year medical student.

The purpose of the clinical history, specifically during a clinical exam, which is a high pressure and intense situation, is to provide the examiner with an insight into your thought process. This book shows you how to achieve this by showing you how to ask the ‘right’ questions, demonstrating you are SAFE and competent.

History Taking for Medical Finals uses a standard structure and a set number of questions for each presenting complaint to act as an absolute failsafe. The book uses a repetitive and consistent structure to reinforce the key techniques of history taking.  Each scenario covers all the necessary aspects of the history for each presenting complaint and all the red flags are highlighted.

The core material is enhanced with full colour ‘Technique Alert’ and ‘Hint Alert’ boxes which provide essential tips to make your history taking even more polished and professional.

Amazon 5-star reviews:

Used for medical finals: useful cases that covered all of my finals OSCEs. Would recommend to all levels of medical students.

“Great book! Really useful for all stages of medical school history taking! Would recommend!!

Only book needed for history taking! All round great revision book.”

1        Psychiatry

1.1  Anxiety
1.2  Depression
1.3  Mania
1.4  Psychosis

2        Musculoskeletal

2.1  Arthritis
2.2  Back pain
2.3  Head trauma 

3        Oncology

3.1  Breast cancer
3.2  Haematological cancer

4        Respiratory

4.1  Shortness of breath
4.2  Cough 

5        Cardiovascular

5.1  Chest pain (acute)
5.2  Chest pain (chronic)
5.3  Peripheral vascular disease
5.4  Valvular history
5.5  Arrhythmias

6        Neurology

6.1  Headache
6.2  Vertigo
6.3  Weakness
6.4  Neuropathy
6.5  Epilepsy
6.6  Parkinson’s disease
6.7  Eyes

7        Gastrointestinal

7.1  Liver
7.2  GI bleed
7.3  Abdominal pain
7.4  Change in bowel habit
7.5  Dysphagia

8        Women’s health

8.1  Infertility
8.2  Pregnancy
8.3  PV bleed
8.4  Pelvic pain
8.5  Amenorrhoea

9        Endocrine

9.1  Thyroid
9.2  Diabetes

10    Urology/renal

10.1 Urology
10.2 Renal history
10.3 Example renal consultation

11    Paediatric

11.1 General paediatric protocol

Price: £16.99, $34.99

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