Managing Obesity

By Saffron Whitehead and Gul Bano

Sep 2018 , 200 pp
ISBN 9781911510178
Price: £19.99, $34.99
The prevalence of worldwide obesity more than doubled between 1980 and 2014 – worldwide more than 1.9 billion people are overweight and 600 million of these are classed as obese. Treating these obese patients puts an ever-increasing strain on health services worldwide.

Managing Obesity is an important new practical guide for clinicians who deal with obese patients within their normal practice (family doctors, hospital doctors, medical trainees, etc.).

Written by two endocrinologists, the book first discusses the increase in obesity worldwide, then details the causes of obesity before finally considering current and future treatment options.

1. Defining and assessing the pandemic of obesity

2. What makes us eat?

3. Control of food intake

4. Digestion and absorption of nutrients

5. Metabolism, the metabolic syndrome and obesity

6. Genetics and other factors predisposing towards obesity

7. Health risks of the metabolic syndrome and obesity

8. Treatments of obesity – successes, failures and future directions

Price: £19.99, $34.99
ISBNs: 9781911510178 978-1-911510-17-8 Title: managing obesity