For Better For Worse: Should I Get Married?

By Neel Burton

Oct 2017 , 220 pp
ISBN 9780992912772
Price: £14.99, $18.99
For Better For Worse examines the institution of marriage in history and contemporary culture, along with kin concepts such as romantic love, sexuality, and family. Drawing upon several fields of inquiry, it sets out as neither pro- nor anti-marriage, but seeks instead to investigate an institution that has long been at the centre of society, and that we tend to take for granted despite its defining impact on almost all aspects of our lives. Whether or not to tie, untie, or retie the knot is a question that we each have to answer for ourselves, and this book aims no higher than to frame and inform our deliberation.
1. Monogamy

2. Polygamy

3. Gender fluidity in the gods

4. Gender variation and same-sex relations in precolonial peoples

5. Marriage in Ancient Egypt

6. Three tales of same-sex love in Ancient Egypt

7. The history and psychology of the orgy

8. Marriage in the Bible

9. Love in the Bible

10. Same-sex relations in the Bible

11. An interpretation of Adam and Eve

12. Sex, sexuality, and duplicity in Ancient Rome

13. How love became the new religion

14. The psychology of romantic love

15. The history of kissing

16. Who was Valentine?

17. The 7 types of love

18. Polyamory: a new way of loving?

19. The philosophy of lust

20. The magic of masturbation

21. Touch hunger

22. The pain of loneliness/the joy of solitude

23. The ascetic alternative

24. Are married people healthier?

25. The deep psychology of the bachelor party

26. Should we have a big wedding?

27. The challenges of intimacy

28. The philosophy of trust

29. The philosophy of forgiveness

30. The rise and demise of divorce

31. The future of the family

32. Should we have children?

33. The history of gay marriage

34. A feminist critique of marriage

Price: £14.99, $18.99

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