Acute Medicine, second edition

By Declan O'Kane

Sep 2017 , 478 pp
ISBN 9781907904912
Price: £19.99, $34.99
Spiral bound
Sep 2017 , 478 pp
ISBN 9781911510086
Price: £29.99, $49.99

From reviews of the first edition:

"This new book by Dr O’Kane is a very useful and interesting book directed towards Medical registrars but also with many positive features for anyone from Medical Student to Consultants... [It] works through groups of emergencies according to speciality and organ grouping. This is helpful as it enables the reader to link the different differentials together well.  It also tries to signpost all the different conditions in relation to the Acute Medicine and General Internal Medicine curriculums.

There is also an excellent section on fluid prescription, outlining what each fluid option contains along with potential fluid prescriptions in relation to the daily needs of the human body. Each clinical problem is presented in a clear and logical format, beginning with the things to ask or think about when receiving a referral - much as junior doctors would do in a real clinical situation. 

The book also includes an excellent 'general management’ section, which covers important aspects of the assessment of mental capacity and considerations to make when discharging a patient - things which are often poorly taught in other settings. All of the clinical procedures are described in some level of detail - not enough to learn to do the procedure but enough to signpost as well as getting the reader to think about why it is needed and any associated risks." - Journal for Acute Medicine, October 2015

"O'Kane's Acute Medicine 2015 is a fantastic text for any doctor regardless of their grade. However, it is of particular use to the junior hospital doctor. The book covers a huge array of pathology and knowledge in a succinct and accessible way with easy to use chapters with superb explanations throughout. I am currently working in A+E and have found this book invaluable. In particular the chapters covering procedures and the excellent formulary have helped me on several occasions. All of this is accentuated by the size of the book, which is genuinely pocket sized. This book is an essential text for all junior doctors." - A junior hospital doctor

Acute Medicine is written for registrars, junior doctors and medical students working on the wards. The new edition has been comprehensively revised, extended and updated, making it a current and concise guide to hospital emergency medicine. It provides:

• detailed management of acute medical and surgical emergencies, including in pregnancy
• general ward management issues
• descriptions of key procedures
• normal laboratory values
• drug formulary covering the common drugs you will use every day.

It is not just a list of instructions, but contains detailed pathophysiology and useful clinical pearls.
It is designed to be carried round in a pocket for easy reference.

1 Resuscitation
2 The acutely ill patient
3 Cardiology emergencies
4 Respiratory emergencies
5 Endocrine and diabetic emergencies
6 Gastroenterology emergencies
7 Hepatobiliary emergencies
8 Haematological emergencies
9 Infectious disease emergencies
10 Renal and urological emergencies
11 Neurological emergencies
12 Rheumatological emergencies
13 Ophthalmological emergencies
14 Toxicology emergencies
15 Medical emergencies in pregnancy
16 Oncological emergencies
17 Miscellaneous emergencies
18 Dermatological emergencies
19 General management
20 Procedures
21 Normal laboratory values
22 Emergency drugs (use with BNF)
Price: £19.99, $34.99
Spiral bound
Price: £29.99, $49.99
ISBNs: 9781907904912 978-1-907904-91-2 Title: acute medicine second edition ISBNs: 9781911510086 978-1-911510-08-6 Title: acute medicine second edition