Consultation Skills for the MRCGP, third edition

By Prashini Naidoo

Mar 2017 , 310 pp
ISBN 9781911510031
Price: £27.99, $48.50

This book helps readers pull together the knowledge and communication skills required for success in the consultation components of the MRCGP exam, namely the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) and the Clinical Observation Tool (COT).

Rather than learning by rote, this book promotes a methodical, step-wise approach which will enable you to easily identify the type of case presenting, and to work out exactly what you need to demonstrate for a successful consultation.

The book features a number of cases to test and enhance your skills, in three formats:

13 teaching cases – these are very detailed cases which provide you with a great deal of support and advice, including: suggested approaches to the consultation, model answers, background knowledge required, and the theoretical underpinnings of the consultation.

20 long cases – these build on the knowledge gained in the teaching cases and feature detailed analysis to help you develop an ordered, step-wise approach to data gathering, clinical management and interpersonal skills.

15 shorter practice cases – these help refine the skills you have learnt in working through the earlier cases. These cases come with marking schemes and can be used either alone or in small groups.

Once you have worked through the book and refined this methodical approach, you will be able to approach any consultation confident in the knowledge that you possess the tools to succeed.

Note that this edition does not contain a DVD. The 13 video cases in the previous edition have been replaced by teaching cases.

13 Teaching cases
20 Long cases
15 Practice cases
Price: £27.99, $48.50

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