Patient-Centred Consulting for the MRCGP

By Chinedu Odina

Jun 2017 , 304 pp
ISBN 9781911510062
Price: £27.99, $48.50

GP trainees who struggle with the CSA element of the MRCGP often do so because they focus more on the clinical problem that presents, rather than the needs and expectations of the patient.

This new text addresses this problem by nurturing a patient-centred approach to consultation skills. It helps the reader to understand the presenting problem from the point of view of the patient and from there building an empathetic consultation which will satisfy the requirements of the RCGP competencies.

The book will help the reader shift away from formulaic problem-based rehearsals, to patient-centred preparation. It consistently rehearses the RCGP competencies required to achieve patient-centredness in any presentation, and furnishes the reader with the complete range of consulting skills needed to pass the CSA. 

Preface; Introduction; Why doctors should read this book; Explaining the CSA grading; Common reasons for failures in the CSA
Understanding the skills assessed in the CSA

The meaning of patient-centredness; Why it’s difficult to pass the CSA without fluency in patient-centredness; Achieving patient-centredness regardless of the nature of the clinical problem; Patient’s understanding and experience; Managing uncertainty, sharing risks; How to use the patient’s perspective to find a practical solution; Data gathering to develop understanding of the problem and the patient simultaneously; Offering management options using the patient’s understanding; Dealing with a specialist clinical problem using patient-centredness; Mutually agreed plan using the patient’s perspectives; Making ethical decisions using patient-centredness; Building the history around the patient’s experience;

Understanding the patient’s preferences; Problem solving using the patient’s perspectives; Are hidden agendas unexplored patient’s views?; Making a diagnosis using the patient’s understanding; Improving time management using the patient’s understanding

Price: £27.99, $48.50
ISBNs: 9781911510062 978-1-911510-06-2 Title: patient-centred consulting for the mrcgp