Patient-Centred Consulting for the MRCGP

Using the RCGP competences to improve your consulting

By Chinedu Odina

Jun 2017 , 250 pp
ISBN 9781911510062
Price: £27.99, $48.50

This book aims to help readers develop a consulting style which focuses on the needs of the patient rather than resorting to a formulaic approach to questioning.

It helps readers to display the competences required to pass the CSA exam. Using patient–doctor dialogues, the reader is shown both positive and negative indicators for a broad array of consultation types. The reflective style used in the book will help the doctor identify which aspects of the competences tested in the examination they need to improve.

The book will also help you to avoid these common problems:

* Disorganised or unstructured consultation
* Not recognising the issues or priorities
* Showing poor time management
* Not appearing to develop rapport or show awareness of patient’s agenda and preferences
* Poor active listening skills and use of cues
* Not developing a shared plan
* Not using language that is relevant and understandable to the patient

The book is structured with the patient, rather than the disease, at the centre of the consultation, in keeping with the design of the CSA examination. The style of writing is aimed at encouraging self-learning, to avoid readers picking up formulaic habits.

Patient-Centred Consulting for the MRCGP brings together lifelike patient–doctor dialogues with the RCGP competency framework. It will help improve your daily consultations through a reflective understanding of the skills required to put the patient first.

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Why it’s difficult to pass the CSA without developing fluency in patient-centredness

Chapter 3 Understanding the skills assessed in the CSA

Chapter 4 How to understand the patient’s perspective without using formulaic questions

Chapter 5 Achieving patient-centredness regardless of the nature of the clinical problem

Chapter 6 The patient’s understanding and experience

Chapter 7 Managing uncertainty, sharing risks

Chapter 8 How to use the patient’s perspective to find a practical solution

Chapter 9 Data gathering to develop understanding of the problem and the patient simultaneously

Chapter 10 Offering management options using the patient’s understanding

Chapter 11 Dealing with a specialist clinical problem using patient-centredness

Chapter 12 Discovering the reason for a patient’s attendance

Chapter 13 Mutually agreed plan using the patient’s perspective

Chapter 14 Making ethical decisions using patient-centredness

Chapter 15 Building the history around the patient’s experience

Chapter 16 Undifferentiated problems and dealing with uncertainty

Chapter 17 The patient’s uniqueness

Chapter 18 Understanding the patient’s preferences

Chapter 19 Problem solving using the patient’s perspectives

Chapter 20 Are hidden agendas the unexplored views of patients?

Chapter 21 Making decisions using the patient’s understanding

Chapter 22 Discovering the reason for patient attendance using active listening

Chapter 23 Improving time management using the patient’s understanding

Chapter 24 Patient perspective elicited later in the consultation

Chapter 25 Health beliefs

Chapter 26 Impact of the problem and the influence on decisions

Chapter 27 Dealing with discordance and the patient’s health beliefs

Chapter 28 The patient’s views

Chapter 29 Shared understanding, shared thoughts

Chapter 30 Encouraging the patient’s contribution to improve explanations

Chapter 31 The patient’s context

Chapter 32 Discovering the decision that the patient has attended to resolve

Chapter 33 Dealing with vague symptoms using patient-centredness

Chapter 34 Mutual negotiation

Chapter 35 Dealing with a discordant request

Chapter 36 Reassuring patients

Chapter 37 Explaining a diagnosis using the patient’s understanding

Chapter 38 Checking the patient’s understanding


Price: £27.99, $48.50

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