Questions and Answers for the Specialty Recruitment Assessment

By Ciarán Conway

Sep 2016 , 58 pp
ISBN 9781907904950
Price: £7.50, $14.99

Questions and Answers for the Specialty Recruitment Assessment is a unique pocket guide for this new exam.

The book features an introductory chapter which explains how the SRA works, together with key tips and techniques and what to expect on the day of your test.

It is then followed by a complete practice test comprising 55 Professional Dilemma questions and 100 Clinical Problem Solving questions. The questions have been written to closely match both the content and types of questions you are likely to encounter in the exam. Full answers (with explanations) are provided for each question.

This book is an essential resource for anyone looking to practise and hone their skills in preparation for the SRA.



List of abbreviations

Chapter 1 The Specialty Recruitment Assessment

Chapter 2 SRA practice paper

Professional Dilemma questions

Clinical Problem Solving paper

Chapter 3 SRA practice paper answers and discussions

Professional Dilemma answers and discussions

Clinical Problem Solving answers and discussions

Price: £7.50, $14.99

ISBNs: 9781907904950 978-1-907904-95-0 Title: questions and answers for the specialty recruitment assessment