CSA Revision Notes for the MRCGP, third edition

By Jennifer Stannett and Sarah Osmond

Jul 2016 , 256 pp
ISBN 9781907904844
Price: £27.99, $49.99
Jul 2016 , 256 pp
ISBN 9781907904943
Price: £23.51, $34.99

This book helps you to revise and prepare for the CSA part of the MRCGP exam. The latest edition features an additional four sections:

• dietary advice for malnourished patients

• ectopic pregnancy

• patient refusing emergency management

• wheeze in preschool children

A standardised format is used to help you to improve your:

  • data gathering – a broad range of appropriate questions to ask the patient are provided and red flags are highlighted where appropriate
  • interpersonal skills – each clinical problem is described using terms that you can use in your explanations to patients

  • clinical management – tells you which examinations to consider, which investigations to order, and how to manage each clinical problem based on the latest guidelines and current best practice

  • consultations – to help you practise, every clinical case features a realistic role play scenario. 

The book is designed to be used as a workbook, with wide margins to allow you to add in your own notes, questions and other aides-memoires. Used in this way, CSA Revision Notes for the MRCGP is the ideal book to help you successfully prepare for the exam.

 Some five-star Amazon reviews of earlier editions:

This book is a must have for GP trainees revising for the CSA. It is cleverly structured into problems that patients present with and covers all the areas that will be required for you in the CSA.”

This is an excellent aid to preparing for the CSA exam. I particularly like the scenarios given for role play that facilitate practising with a study partner. I would recommend it for GP registrars, VTS groups and GP trainers.

Excellent resource for MRCGP prep. Nice layout. Simple. Easy to read leading up to the exam when you want to quickly cover the curriculum.
Introduction to the CSA examination 
General practice consultation 
Healthy people: promoting health and preventing disease 
Genetics in primary care 
Care of acutely ill people 
Child health 
Care of older adults 
Women’s health 
Men’s health 
Sexual health 
Care and palliative care of people with cancer 
Mental health 
Gastrointestinal and renal 
Rheumatology and musculoskeletal 
Drug and alcohol problems
Price: £27.99, $49.99

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Price: £23.51, $34.99

ISBNs: 9781907904844 978-1-907904-84-4 Title: csa revision notes for the mrcgp third edition ISBNs: 9781907904943 978-1-907904-94-3 Title: csa revision notes for the mrcgp third edition