Contraception Made Easy, revised edition

By Laura Percy and Diana Mansour

Jun 2016 , 170 pp
ISBN 9781907904929
Price: £18.99, $34.99
Jun 2016 , 170 pp
ISBN 9781907904936
Price: £15.95, $24.49

Highly Commended in the 2016 BMA Medical Book Awards!

From reviews:

“…undoubtedly the best feature is the user-friendly and consistent nature of the format. Each method of contraception has a dedicated chapter with an identical outline showcasing factual and practical content using bulleted text, tables and pictograms…. The book would be useful for medical students that are ‘new’ to the subject as the outline of the chapters lends itself to seamless grasping of new information. However, the practical application of the factual information is ideal for both gynaecological and family planning trainees, nurses that work within the field and general practitioners.” Ulster Medical Journal 2016:85(3):211

This revised edition has been updated to include the 2016 UK Medical Eligibility Criteria for contraceptive use, as well as other updates. It helps healthcare professionals to provide up to date and practical guidance on all the commonly used contraceptive methods:

  • combined oral contraceptive (COCs), patches, and vaginal rings

  • progestogen-only pills (POPs), progestogen-only injectables and implants

  • copper intrauterine devices (IUDs) and the levonorgestrel IUS

  • diaphragms, cervical caps, and male and female condoms

  • natural fertility awareness advice/kits

  • emergency contraception

  • male and female sterilisation.

Contraception Made Easy is the ideal practical reference guide for GPs and other healthcare professionals involved in the provision of contraceptive advice.

Laura Percy is a Specialist Registrar in Community Sexual and Reproductive health. Diana Mansour is a Consultant in Community Gynaecology and Reproductive Healthcare and Head of the Integrated Sexual Health Services for Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. She is also a Faculty Officer and Treasurer for the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care, UK.

1. Introduction
2. The contraception consultation
3. Special groups
4. Combined hormonal contraception
5. Progestogen-only pill
6. Injectable contraception
7. Contraceptive implant
8. Intrauterine system
9. Copper intrauterine devices
10. Barrier methods
11. Fertility awareness
12. Male and female sterilization
13. Emergency contraception
14. STIs, safe sex and sexual assault
15. Unplanned pregnancy
Appendix – Summary of the UKMEC for contraceptive use
Price: £18.99, $34.99

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Price: £15.95, $24.49

ISBNs: 9781907904929 978-1-907904-92-9 Title: contraception made easy revised edition ISBNs: 9781907904936 978-1-907904-93-6 Title: contraception made easy revised edition