How to Prepare for Medical School Interviews

By Philip McElnay

Apr 2016 , 234 pp
ISBN 9781907904837
Price: £17.99, $29.99


Here's what the judges said:

"The book is thorough and well written. It has many good questions and challenging scenarios and will allow candidates to prepare thoroughly for their interview. This is a useful book with plenty of scenarios for medical school applicants to practise and prepare. I am not aware of any other books in this subject area that describe potential interview questions to such depth. The quality of the questions as well as the answers and the variety is satisfying to see."

Competition ratios for medical school are approximately 10:1. Faced with the increasing numbers of well-qualified applicants, the medical school interview has become a vital part of the application process. Put simply, if you want to get into medical school, you will need to do well in your medical school interview.

As well as the more traditional use of ‘across the table’ interview questions, many medical schools are now using ‘Multiple Mini Interviews’ as a core part of their recruitment process.

How to Prepare for Medical School Interviews is the largest collection of both types of interview questions available. It contains over 200 practice questions with full answers, as well as detailed practical advice to help you approach your interviews with confidence.

Edited by an academic surgical registrar and with real-life contributions from students from medical schools across the UK, How to Prepare for Medical School Interviews is the perfect book to help you get ready for, practise and succeed in your medical school interview.

    List of contributors; Foreword; Preface

    1 Applications and interview preparation
    2 Applying to Oxford or Cambridge
    3 Questions about you
    4 Hot topics in medicine
    5 Academic questions
    6 Questions about medical careers
    7 Communication skills scenarios
    8 Problem-solving scenarios
    9 Ethics and decision making
    10 Abstract questions
    11 Knowledge of the course
    12 Medical knowledge
    13 Motivation for medicine
    14 National Health Service (NHS) questions
    15 Technical skills questions
    16 Thinking on your feet

Price: £17.99, $29.99

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