OSCEs for the FFICM

By Kiran Singh-Kandola, Joanna Oram Fox and Tom Holmes

Mar 2019 , 280 pp
ISBN 9781907904684
Price: £35.00, $64.99

The FFICM (Fellowship of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine) examination is a new examination which was created to ensure that successful candidates have attained recognisable national standards in the subject. It is a compulsory qualification for any medic who wants to work in Intensive Care Medicine.

The examination was held for the first time in 2012 and it takes place twice a year (in March and October). It is hoped that 2,000 candidates per annum will sit the exam once it is well established.

This new book is the first book on the market to cover the OSCE element of the exam. It provides 4 whole examinations’ worth of questions (13 per examination), which cover all likely scenarios and subject areas that the candidate is likely to encounter in the examination.

It is divided into two sections: the first section simply provides the questions; in section 2 the questions are repeated and full answers are supplied.


Section 1  - 4 lots of 13 OSCEs examination questions

Section 2  - Full answers to all questions

References, formulae, abbreviations


Price: £35.00, $64.99
ISBNs: 9781907904684 978-1-907904-68-4 Title: osces for the fficm